Sunday, June 13, 2004

Finally Monsoon Arrived!

The Monsoon has finally showed its mercy on Kolkata with its showers with a cloudy-o-chilly weather, now the monsoon is gonna make the heat eat dust...hope so!
Well...the day was ok, but it was raining and drizzling all day, hated the thought of leaving my room and going into the 'wet-wet' world, but then as per y mom's plan i had to accompany her to my aunt's place! "My day is a waste", when i thought about my studies. By the way, i wrote down my exam routine and chalked out my study routine, i hope i keep up with the routine.
Once i got wet, i didnt mind to get myself soaked in the rain, anyway its alwayz fun to walk around in the rain. I went out with Gokul & my brother, we tramped around at Shoppers' Stop & The Metro Plaza, did lots of window shopping...LOL! A sleek Sony Handycam caught Gokul's attention, and he got a feeling that his Panasonic cam was substandered, he was talking about the Handycam all the way back home.
No sight or sound of Radhesh, where is he? busy preparing for exams?? Well...may be I'll give him a call tomorrow. Hey! I put up quite a lot of pics on but I am still to hear comments about the same from my friends....please someone tell me how they are....sob!
While we were walking around in the rain, I missed chaman who y'day told me about her eagerness to get wet in the rain, roam around freely all drenched up! I wish she stayed near my house, we could have freaked out whenever we wanted, its soo much fun when she is around!
I missed Suju, I missed Suju, I missed Suju, well this isnt enough to let you guys know how much i missed her! I pondered quite a lot about her, about us, but still couldn't derive a bottom-line. I guess this isn't the right time to think about all this, when exams' ugly face looming on me.
'Study Dude Study' that's my new MSN Nick, i put up that to push myself to have a deeper look into my academics which has taken a back seat since last year or so, but i guess the nick isnt helping much..hehe!
I went through Vinod's blog today, his blogs are very interesting and informative.
Anyway, its quite late and i need some sleep after my 'hectic' and unfruitful day.
Adios Amigo & Amiga,
Take care,
Love & regards,

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Unknown said...

Wow rain!! Sounds great. Here in UK it rains anytime. I like to get wet in rain with my friends. It is fun.

So u r studying? Great what u study?