Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Yesterday when I was at Radhesh's place, he was searching for some peice of paper, and I was helping him find it, while doing that I chanced upon a Hot-Wheel of Radhesh's nephew, it was bright red in colour and had sharp features looked so cool.The next thing Radhesh found me doing was playing with the li'l toy-car, rolling it all over the cupboard with the typical sound 'vrroooooom-vroooomm', I was enjoying it so much, all this while Radhesh was staring at me. My car was all over the cupboard surface, exploring even the remote corners, passing under the handles as if they were bridges. All these made me remember my childhood days when I used to play with a few A sized batteries, emulating them as a train, the bed was the circuit where the train travelled, my pop's books served as plaform for different stations, I played the same game all day, all evening, never tired, never feeling bored, I was wondering how did I play or rather 'concentrate' on the same thing for such a long duration. After coming back from school, the bed was all mine, restricted for everyone else.The train 'steamed' off from a station, halting occasionally at the station en-route. I really have no idea what happiness and pleasure I derived from the game, but even doing a similar thing yesterday was so much fun-filled. As a kid when I used to play no one used to say anything against it, but yesterday Radhesh was like stop behaving like a stupid person, hahahhaah! Yeah! I am a grown up now (sob!) I wish I could return to my childhood days, it were so carefree, full of fun'n'frolic, no responsibilities! I wanna be a kid again...boooohhoooo!

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