Monday, February 28, 2005

You'll Know

When the wind blowsAnd whispers through the trees,
You'll know I remember you.
When the rain fallsAnd drips from the flower petals,
You'll know I have forgiven you.
When a tear escapesAnd trickles down my cheek,
You'll know I still love you.

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EvolutioN said...


Believe in love,
Believe in life,
Believe in laughter,
In tears lie the deepest laughter
Try to search for love.
Search your life,
Life has deep pockets.
Throwing up love, laughter and tears,
Believe in yourself,
Your power
To do something
To make someone the person he is.
To believe in yourself
Reinforces your belief in others.
Believe in others,
Because therein lies your greatest power,
For only when you believe,
You believe in love.