Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The General Equation

Look guys at last I have deduced this very general equation…



We all know that girls need time and money, therefore

Girl=Time x Money

Further we know that Time is

Girl=Money x Money

Girl= (Money)2


We also know that Money is the root cause of all Evil…so

Money = Evil

(Money)2 = Evil (squaring both sides)

Girls= (Money)2 = Evil

So.. L.H.S = R.H.S

Girls = Evil


What say guys?


Anonymous said...

hi dumdum
all girls rnt so bad tht u call them evil
if u say tht girls=evil then even i am evil
in the world there r many ppl all rnt bad u jus need to find the rite person
so jus tc n hf n enjoy life

Unknown said...

Sweetu isn't evil, she never can be.She is just one of the exceptions to the rule.