Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hello Weekend

It's weekend again. What does that mean? well, it means we'll have to spend only half-day in the office, the evening I can freak out, which isn't possible as of now, 'cause my exams are due next weekend.
It has been an interesting day at office so far, no a single bit of work, i blogged, emailed, introduced Avik and Reenee to blogging, both of them are too excited about their blogs.
Y'day my old chum left the city to get settled in Jaipur, i had been to the station to see him off, although it wasn't a sentimental situation, i was feeling sad on my way back from the station. Friends are very precious and delicate, and we sometimes don't realize their value, until they are far away or we completely lose them. I already miss him, like the way I miss chaman.
I really hope that, i get to meet Radhesh soon....and chaman too.
Later in the afternoon, i got to meet Sahil, my cousin sis' boyfriend.


Avik said...

People come only to go away. its the way life is. its their impression on us that we shud cherish in our hearts for they have made a place for themselves there. hope u feel fine but remember wen one door closes another sure u must b having havin other friends around u......

EvolutioN said...
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