Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sun uses PHP

Today I was browsing the internet for a solution regarding the installtion of Kopete on Red Hat Linux, I stumbled on the Sun Star Office support site, and I was atonished to find that Sun was running PHP :O, I thought Sun would have JSP servers. Or did Sun buy PHP ? ;)
Here's the link to that page.

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Naveen said...

Not only php, they also use PERL. Don't believe me... Check out HERE . While scanning sun site, i bumped on the above page.. And they also use JSP ..Check out HERE. But it still beats me why they have an assortment of scripting languages, instead of their own. Maybe they are honest enough to acknowledge the power and effeciency of different open source languages in different domains and so implementing them accordingly. For example the only place i found PHP was in support forums and its a known fact that PHP is best for Bulletin Boards. Similarly, Perl is used for form processing, and most of the site is xml based.

Unknown said...

A cool research dude! :-)