Thursday, October 27, 2005

Comment On An Old Post

Today morning I was checking my mails, and one the mails was from "Revathi", I know her through emails only. She read an year old post of mine titled "What's Right What's Wrong", this was a post on a discussion between me & chaman about what was right for women/men & what's not.Revathi wanted add some points too, here is an excerpt of her mail:

jus to let u know, i read ur blog..... One of the things i read abt was - a
conversation between ur frnd -chaman and u . it was abt wht is wrong and
right for a man and was posted a year ago i.e 16th june 2004....
it was an interesting one...jus felt like adding a few lines to it....
As we grow older ,the world becomes more and more strange to
We view the world with our set of perceptions......Honestly,,our
conditioning in our household plays a vital role in influencing the way we
look at the outside world.....
for example for my mom ,,drinking is a crime...It was drilled in my
head...but as i entered my post graduation ,,i realized that drinking once
in a while is not bad..whts wrong in having a a sip of red wine, vodka or
beer...Till the time u know ur limits,,nuting is a problem....also,,i have
my female frnds who smoke...well if i tell my parents tht they smoke,they
would probably freak out...I have no issues with they doing it....I just
keep warning them on and off,,,,and they say- Yes ""MUMMY""" :-) we will

For my mom,,,,people who smoke and drink are bad people.....I know its the
way she had been bought up...for me -ppl who smoke and drink excessively are
not bad,,its jus awrong habit..
As a girl,i decide whts right and wrong for me ,depending on the way i was
bought up and also depending on the ppl I hang out with....
The debate abt men and women is been going on since ages........I believe
its alll very subjective..Its just the way u look at it....Talking abt the
line which said:- Both husband and wife should leave their house and stay
separately,but i believe that rarely happens...from whtever I have seen,i
know tht Ego runs in a man's blood. Adjustment is something which men will
never do.....they would never like to leave their parents ...Adjustment,
sacrifice ,compromise.....everything has to be done by women and tht's whY

Well,,,,i guess I blaberred enough.......Its just and ongoing
thing.....Each one is entitled to their own opinion...I owe nuting to the
outside world ...Therefore,i believe in wht i want to ....if outsiders dnt
then fine....Just let it one is right or wrong,,it is just your

If anyone else has any more opinion on this issue, please feel free to post a comment.

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