Monday, November 28, 2005

Google Mania

Google is spreading even faster than a fire in a jungle. Even li'l cutie-pie & sweetie-pies are aware of google, I guess they use google to search for prettier dolls ;-)
Google inaugurated its London office last week, so they held a competition where school kids were allowed to make their own Google Doodles (a Google Doodle is the name given to the variations of Google's logo that appear on the website on special occasions) from the Google logo. The kids did a fantastic job with all sorts of themes, ranging from serious topics like the Asian tsunami and the Battle of Trafalgar to an entire logo transformed into a bunch of eyes staring at each other.
As of now I don't see any limits of Google growth, so all of you keep Googling.
Check out the five finalists of Doodle 4 Google here. You can also read the official post here.

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