Wednesday, February 01, 2006

You Can't Imagine Me Without...

Yesterday Ashutosh sent me an offliner saying :
Fill in the blanks:

I cant imagine Ashutosh without .............

My answer was 'chaddi' :P
I thought of trying it with my friends, here are the responses I got from my friends.

Fill in the blanks:

I cant imagine Pradeep without .............

Aakash : computer
Archana : computer
Biswajit : chatting & computer
Dipanjan : R&D
Gourav : computer
Hussain : technology
Indraraj : PHP
Jyotishekhar : programming
Kalidas : his PC
Kiran : forwards
Manindar : mobile
Naveen : the spam
Pallav : mails
Partha : jokes
Pooja : emails
Radhesh : A kick in the ass
Rona : The word 'chaman'
Rudra : forwards
Smita : smile
Soham : Chat with sweetu
Sohini : Computer & food
Somajita: without earfones
Soumen : JavaScript & PHP
Sourav : ice cream
Sudeshna : his MunnaBhai tag
Sweetu : sweetu
Tanmoy : his style
Tanushri : smile

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Anonymous said...

dumdum nice answers

Anonymous said...

hey.. nice cool set of friends you got there.

Anonymous said...

sorry..i forgot to leave my name..its Sara from chennai :D