Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Net Friends

Dear Friends

People ask,
"How can you be friends with someone you've never met?"

I tell them,
" You've never been online I bet!"

It's something people offline will never understand.
You open up your heart to friendship with your typing hands.

It's a world full friendship at your finger tips, there is so much online,it only takes a heart to reach people with your touch.

First you start out online, surfing all around.
Next thing you know a great friend will be found.

You will chat a lot and surf cyber space.
Soon it will be your second home, a comforting, special place.

A Friend to share your dreams and your tears and to help each other wipe away life's fears.

You will share life together and help each other along You will make it through bad weather
because friendship is so strong.

No matter how far apart you go,your keyboards will keep you together,and in your heart you will know you don't need a face to be a true friend forever.

So, How do you explain this to people who've never been online?
I guess it takes a gesture of friendship & a little bit of time.

So let's start by sending this around and passing our special touch.
A smile, a website, a gesture starts it all becoming friends doesn't take much.


Naveen said...

So true! I can vouvh for that...

Anonymous said...

gadhe!!!!!!!! the way i found u to be such a good friend..........!!!!

Anonymous said...

True ....... agree with u ..

But then from my side i dont think its possible. mainly cause ...

A. i dont have so much patience to sit aroung and do all that typing.

B. some day if a net friend of mine is in troubl, then the only thing i can do is to consle him about that happend. boss i am not kind of guy. if u r my friend u'll find me standing by ur side. not giving u condelance messages.

C. why do u need to turn to ppl whoe u might not ever meet up face to face ....

guys no objection to all who beleive in this .... but i am not game for this ....