Friday, March 09, 2007

McDonald's finally in Kolkata

After a long long wait, Mc Donald comes to Kolkata, now I can have the McBurgers and the delicious french fries, I'll be there tomorrow itself!

The famous golden arches of McDonald’s went up on a Park Street address on Thursday, not far from KFC, the other American food icon. You can dig into a Mc-Chicken burgers on Friday.

McDonald’s is stepping into Kolkata more than a decade after it opened its first outlet in India (Delhi) but it comes with a slew of expansion plans. There will be at least three more outlets in Kolkata by the year-end, said McDonald’s India managing director (north and east) Vikram Bakshi. “We are extremely bullish on Kolkata. Over the next four years, a fourth of countrywide investments will happen here. Altogether, Rs 100 crore will be pumped into 15-20 outlets in the city,” Bakshi said.

Source: Times Of India (

The McDonald store at Park Street!

I'm Lovin' It

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Mcdonalds Kolkata said...

McDonalds took quiet a long to open there first store in Kolkata.