Thursday, June 11, 2009

Types of Phobia

Ablutophobia .. Fear of washing / bathing
Acrophobia .. Fear of Heights
Agoraphobia .. Fear of cats
Alketrophobia .. Fear of chickens
Anthrophobia .. Fear of people
Anuptaphobia .. Fear of staying single
Arachnophobia .. Fear of spiders
Atychiphobia .. Fear of failure
Autophobia .. Fear of oneself or being alone
Aviophobia .. Fear of flying
Caligynephobia .. Fear of beutiful women
Colourphobia .. Fear of clowns
Cynophobia .. Fear of dogs
Gamaphobia .. Fear of marriage
Ichthiyophobia .. Fear of fish
Melanophobia .. Fear of black colour
Mysophobia .. Fear of gersm or dirt
Nyctophobia .. Fear of dark or of night
Ophidiophobia / Herpetophobia .. Fear of snakes
Ornithophobia ..Fear of birds
Phasmophobia / Spectrophobia ..Fear of ghosts
Philophobia .. Fear of being in love
Photophobia .. Fear of light
Pupaphobia .. Fear of Puppets
Pyrophobia .. Fear of fire
Thanatophobia / Thantophobia .. Fear of death or dying
Xanthophobia .. Fear of yellow colour

Which phobia do you have?

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