Saturday, September 04, 2010

How To Use The New Rupee Symbol In Your Documents

It's really nice that Indians now have their own currency symbol, but it is still to come up in common fonts available on our PC, so for the time being we need to use an additional font. Here's how you can install the font on your PC and use it.

First download the font Rupee Foradian.

(Windows Users)

Open C:\Windows\Fonts and copy the downloaded file there.

Windows 7 users please check here how to install the font.

(Linux Users)

Copy the downloaded font to /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ ; create the directory if required.

Now, start your favourite word processor software and use ` (back-tick) to use rupee symbol by selecting the newly installed font.

Enjoy using the new font.


M.Pradeep Chand said...

While i copied and paste the comment it shows error like permission denied how can i install it iam using Linux Ububtu 9.4

Unknown said...

In Linux, copy as root/admin user.

Manjeet Dahiya said...

The solution not perfect.

It will show ` when the document is opened on a different machine where this technique is not applied.

pradeep said...

Nice Blog Man cheer UP !