Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A bit about Maharashtrian cuisine

Maharashtra is a big state in India and offers an amazing variety of lip-smacking dishes. Though some people in the country consider Maharashtrian cuisine to be a bit too hot, few can stay away from it, so tempting it is! Maharashtra is a treasure trove of wonderful vegetarian dishes. It also has some great non-vegetarian dishes that are special to this region. The following list of popular Maharashtrian foods will give you a good idea of what the region is all about.


This is a popular Maharashtrian dish and is easily cooked in households. The easy availability of ‘Poha’ or rice flakes makes it possible for a Maharashtrian to offer this to anyone dropping by his home at any point of the day. Though it is eaten as a breakfast item most of the time, some people even like to eat it as a light lunch or dinner. There are a number of variations eaten of this simple dish. One is prepared with onions, while one is prepared with boiled potatoes while a different one is made with vegetables which are in season.
Try the Poha Recipe.


Pitla Bhakri

Though this is a dish that was mainly eaten by rural people, the last few decades have seen its appearance in good restaurants in the cities as well. It is a simple dish that is nourishing and filling and prepared with lentils, jowar and bajra.

Sabudane Ki Khichdi

This is another vegetarian breakfast item that is eaten in Maharashtra and other parts of the country as well. Made with the product of the Sago Palm, this nourishing food is one of those items which are allowed while fasting is done during festivals in the state. Prepared with lots of nuts, dried fruits and coriander leaves, this Khichdi is also a favorite among people who are sick and want something simple to calm their stomachs.

Vada Pav

Vada Paav
The Vada Pav is a typical Indian snack. Easy to prepare and no-fuss to eat, this is a snack that is served by lots of local street food vendors who dot the state. It is actually an Indian burger. This dish is prepared with a boiled potato filling deep-fried pastry that is sandwiched between two pieces of Pav or bread. It is usually served with a variety of chutneys, both sweet and sour. In the cities of Mumbai and Pune, the Vada Pav stalls get the maximum amount of attention though they are also easily found in other parts of the country as well.



This is a special lentil soup prepared in the state. Aamti is spicy, sweet and our; all at the same time. The Aamti is served as an everyday staple in most Maharashtrian homes.


This is a special Maharashtrian sweet dish made with hung and dry yogurts. Fresh and dried fruits and nuts are used in this dish. Mangoes are also sometime added to create a dessert that is simple yet somehow exotic. Though the Shrikhand is available in other parts of the country, the best of it is found in this state.

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