Saturday, June 19, 2004

Am I insane??

Nothing seems to go the right way, everything seems so crooked, fathomable depths seem out of bounds now, I felt I was in hell, but I guess I am wrong, 'cause people in hell needn't worry about anything, these just chill out doing whatever they feel like. At times, why do we feel so low? Everyone seems to go away from you, its as if you don't mean anything to anyone.
I was reading 'Seven Ages of Man' by William Shakespeare, and I wondered as to which phase of life am I in??
I know life isn't the same all the time, there are up & downs, but I can't understand why am I feeling so bugged of myself.I can't study properly, a thing in my head suggests that I am not fit for academics, am I insane??
Y'day I met Radhesh online, but didn't chat quite as usual, I don't know why...Radhesh rang me up for some help regarding Linux installation, but there was something which I wanted to tell him, but I didn't, why?? I fail to understand myself.
I have been listening to 'Nejodu' a very soulful song from a Tamil movie 'Kaadhalkondaen', its a very soothing song, but doesn't seem to have an effect on me.
Its raining heavily, but I don't seem to enjoy the chill, the intoxicating smell of the rains, its just water pouring down from the sky. I am bothered about exams but the realisation doesn't compel me to study harder, I am luxuriating my time by doing nothing.

I think I'll cut off myself from the computer. So, I wont be blogging till my exams are over, but as Arnie says, "I'll be back".


Unknown said...

I feel these are human behaviour. Sometimes we dont know the reason for restlessness, but we experience heaviness within us.

If u feel u r insane, I think u can add me too in ur gang ha! ha! ha! cause I too feel like this sometime.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

something that i didn't find an ans too for myself....
but as u said...we will be back....
we try a lot...sometime that makes it ...sometime doesn't...
but one thing plays his part n bring things on track is...."time"!!!