Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Another Tuesday!

One more Tuesday in my life, and its was hell boring like most of the days of my life so far, except for going to Radhesh's place & talking to chaman!
My exams...are coming up, and i am kinda scared, to study or not to study that is the question, so much is left and so much to remember, sometimes i wish i was born with a FlasCard slot in my head! It was today in the evening that i called up my sir and asked for the very important notes on Thermodynamics! And guess what the whole Inorganic portion is left! Another important fact is that i am still a rookie with the numericals....boooohhhooooo!
At night i eagerly opened my Inbox expecting a mail from Suju, but i was disappointed to find only forwards! Anyway, she must be busy with her college addmissions!
And yeah i told chaman to study so many times, but she isnt....after all why shud she...when the one asking her isnt doing it either!
Poooooh...enough for today....a longer blog...may be sometime else in the future!

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