Thursday, June 10, 2004

My Boring Day!

I woke up late today at around 11:00, its was chaman's call that shook me off my bed, the first thing she said was 'sorry' for her behaviour the previous night when we had an argument, well it was normal for her to act harshly coz she was really bogged down with that idiot John, who has no sense of talking to her! Anyway i shouldn't comment much about him coz i hardly know or understand him! We then decided about our her study plans for the coming exams, both of us are really scared about the exam!
I was excpecting Radhesh as he had said y'day that he'd come to my place!
I studied a bit, then i was reading 1001 Tech Facts which came free with this month's Digit magazine, i was thinking about Suju while sitting in the verandah with the book in my hand, i was quite worried about her at that point of time, suddenly i realised that she might have replied to my mail, so i swtiched on the Idiotbox and went online to find no mail from her, i was li'l sad. After a while the power went off, so i opened wide all the windows of my room, there was cool breeze coming from the side of the pond,for a while i kept staring at the pond, then the realisation came into my mind that i need to study, i dont remember how long i studied and how long i was wool-gathering! I took a bath at around 3o'clock and then had my lunch, went to my bed with my book, the power was still out, i cursed CESC, and dozed off with the book in my hand. Mom went out for shopping in the evening, i thought of calling up chaman, on a second thought i'll call her up a li'l later and again went to bed -mez soo lazy- woke up at 6, and switched on the computer, there was a smile on my face to see Suju's offliners, they were cool! and I was filled with joy when i saw that he had also sent me a mail, i read the mail twice and i was so happy, i started to type the reply when Ahana called up, we chatted for around 15 minutes, she sounded different today i dont know why. The big gadha Gokul came with his camera to transfer some images into the computer, ever since the day he got his cam, his motto has been Eat Camera, Sleep Camera, Drink Camera ! After a while mom came back with Gayal, she wanted to play games, the three of us played Kaun Banega Crorepati for a while, then i went to my tuition sir! After that i went to Gokul's place, aunty asked Gokul to withdraw some money from the ATM, so we went out, we had puchka and went to the ATM and found that the freaking machine wasnt fully functional at that time!
Came back home at around 10 and watched TV, was watching Major Saab. When i was having my dinner when Radhesh called up, he told me about Suju's msg, and then we had a talk about almost everything from Gokul to IIM's fee structure...! Then i tried calling up Jinal coz i really wanted to talk to Suju, but couldnt get through! I sent Jinal an SMS, and studied for a while and sat down in front of the computer, hoping to find chaman online & to send a reply to Suju's mail, sadly chaman wasnt online, replied to Suju's mail, and started typing this blog, and here ends one more day of June, and 14 more days to my exam....oooh i am scared at the thought of it! Anyway, its very late at night, so i guess like today tomorrow also i am gonna get up late!

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