Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Exam Blog!

110 HELO Blogsever
120 EHLO Deepz Authorization required
112 PASS **********
200 +OK BlogEngine ready!
210 +OK Initializing interface!
215 +OK Done!

Deepz>Hello blog!
BlogEngine>"Hello sir! Welcome back after a quite a gap! As from the previous posts I have come to know that you are having exams, how are they going sir?"
Deepz>Well only 2 down, 6 more to go, main & deep shit papers starting today! Today exams starts from 10 AM, I have been awake all night tediously trying to go through everything I can, rang up my friend to get some valuable suggestions. Sadly, I am not as well prepared as they are! (Sigh!) Would you like to know the ingredients for a stint on this sleepless night?
BlogEngine>"Sure sir!"
Deepz>Here it is

  • 3 mugs of black coffee

  • 6 litres of water

  • 8-10 bicuits

  • ocassional fiddling with the mouse!

  • my lonliness & my thoughts

  • pondering the outcome of the exam!

Well...thats it blog!
BlogEngine>"That was an interesting list sir! I shall update my nodes with this data for future perusal!"
Deepz>No need blog! This is all irrelevant data, to be precise crap, so clear your cache! I'll log off blog, need to browse through tons of unorganized pile of notes.
I'll fill you nodes with some valuable & structured data sometime else.
BlogEngine>Ok! Sir! All the very best for your exams!

240 -QUIT Blogsever signing off!

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Unknown said...

Good one. ha ha ha