Friday, July 02, 2004

Nobody Likes Me!

My exam ended up today as a story writing session, I didn't sleep properly for the last 2 days and I couldn't remember a thing I studied, so in some parts I had to make up my own stories, laws, theories, possibly my 'work' will be considered for a Nobel Prize....heheheh...yeah enough of mental imagery!
There was a puja being held at Gokul's place today, initially I had decided not to go, but dropped in hoping that it'd be a welcome break after 2 tiring days of exams. I went in to find a cozy corner in the living room, where the puja was being held, everyone was absolutely quiet listening to a sermon being delivered by some 'spiritual guru'. This was too much for me to take, as I not at all a spiritual, religious or pious soul. There was this sweet little girl Anakha (hope I spelled it correctly) roughly 3& a half year old, she was sitting at a distnce from me but as soon as she saw me, she started calling to me with her childish actions, she has been to my place a few times earlier and I was kinda fon of her. Soon, she was in my lap, our lingua franca has always been uncomprehendable for others, she was telling me about her school, what is takes in her tiffin box. Shortly, we were joined by Anup, who dropped in for a rendezvous with Priya (his latest crush), but to his utter disappointment, she didn't show up. Sigh! that's what had occupied his face...heheh! Unable to bear the unconsumable 'crap' thrown at us, so, I suggested that we move into another room. We had lots of fun, talked crap, chatted over the phone. After a while the puja ended, so Gayal & Roshan (bro' & sis of Gokul) also joined me, Anup & Gokul. We all bussed Anakha plentifully, and when she was asked for a kiss in return, she, in her wispy and childish accent uttered 'chocolate', well, that's surely an impressive & sweet way to demand chocolate, we all burst out laughing. So, I took her to a nearby shop and bought her a chocolate, she virtually snatched the chocolate from me and gave a bright grin, it feels so good to see a kid happy. We returned to Gokul's place, Anakha was flaunting her chocolate to the other kids present there, her mom asked her to share with another kid, who was eagerly looking at the chocolate, but she admantly replied that it was her chocolate. And the kid's father gave me a scorning looked and told that doctor has her to avoid chocolates. I was like, what the heck, why did he look at me like that?? Well, the answer wasn't quite far away, Gayal came upto me and asked me,"Why did you buy chocolate for only her, when there are so many kids out here?", again that was scornful. What should I have done, ordered a truckload of chocolates for the whole locality?? And I could see the same question in almost everyone's eyes. Then they were like bugging Anakha by hiding the chocolate, that's so very disgusting. I left the place with a heavy heart, unable to look at my action as a wrong in anyway. All these people who weren't so happy with me, have know me for ages, still that's what I get from them. So, the bottomline is that no one likes me.

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Debalina Das said...

Be Happy and Content that you made one soul happy ! That kid is happy to get the choclate and you were happy to give out. What else you need ? Why do you have to care for everyone's approval ?

Chill Out !