Friday, June 18, 2004

Whatz Right?? Whatz Wrong??

Y'day me and chaman had dicussion about what's acceptable, men, women and about the right and the wrong. She put up her view on her blog, you'll find her view below, followed by mine, do let me know what u ppl think.

I was having telephonic conversation with Pradeep today and we were talking about men, women, society. What is acceptable, what is not. What is right and what is not.

For the typical Indian men and women :

1. Male [from any strata of society] smoking is right. Women smoking is wrong[unless you are women from some village in Haryana, you can consume as many as "bidis" possible] .

2. Men peeing on the road is absolutely right . You cant imagine a women doing so. [ After all men can stand and do it]

3. Men watching porn is right. Women watching a kissing scene is absurd.

4. Men masterbating is a sign of being MAN. So, its right. For women its wrong.

5. Men wearing "dhoti" and showing off their legs to great extent is right. Women wearing mini skirts is wrong.

6. Women wearing saree [showing off their navel, belly, waist,etc] is right and girls wearing jeans to college is wrong [even if you arent showing off any body part ].

7. Men would live with his parents and expect the girl , he's married to , to be upto his parents' expectations. Its wrong in case of women.

8. Wearing a locket with god's image in it, is good. Thats your respect towards the Almighty [even though the pendant goes deep down in the cleavege]. Wearing a dress with Lord Ram or Krishna's image is bad.

What I feel :

1. Smoking should be taken as normal thing for everyone.

2. Peeing on roadside should be banned.

3. No one should make a fuss about what you are watching.

4. Nothing is wrong in that but making it a sign of manliness is wrong.

5. Wear what you want, feel like. And people should stop staring at girls' wearing mini everyday.

6. Saree is sexy ! Wearing jeans is very decent.

7. Both the guy and girl should leave their parents and get their own house where both of their parents can visit. And why do you need to have a ritual to prove your commitment.

8. Dont make a deal about what is printed on what ! Like the colors, the materials ? Wear it.

Yo! chaman, once more debating/discussing on the topic, this time on a blog!

1. Male smoking or female smoking, equally bad for both. Stop smoking guys & gals, shag instead, its not harmful at least! I don't support smoking, irrespective of gender.

2. Thooo! Peeing on the road is disgusting! It's like people wanna show, hey i can pee too! So, peeing on the road sux big time, so guys contain it!

3. Everyone watches porn [given a chance], i guess even the freaking sadhus would love to watch a porn movie. GIRLS watch it too, and of course they enjoy it, and there are alwayz exceptions u see, so "good" girls, don't be angry.

4. Men masturbating is of course a sign of man, women do fingering to show their uniqueness. So, its ok, after all its pleasure they seek, carry on guys & girls.

5. Men who wear dhoti have been wearing it all their life, or may be they are comfortable in it, yeah so why shouldn't girls wear mini's?? Wear it if u like it..why do u care about others, and they have the fucking right to look at your chicken legs [if u have one] or ur vibrant undie, so, stop pointing out the "gazers". Why i elders say, girls shouldn't be wearing mini's is b'coz it provocates some lousy boys, eager to explore the "insides" of a girl, so its the girl who ends up in trouble.

6. Girls wearing jeans to college is very decent. No doubt saree looks sexy at the same time can be a decent one too.

7. I Agree!

8. I Agree!

What I feel:

1. Women should stop showcasing their protruding womanhood. Why do u need to?? The road isnt who's-the-sexiest competion arena, neither are the by-passers the spectators.

2. Yeah! no one should make a fuss about what u r watching, but have to respect & take care of others' feelings, u can't watch a pron movie in a coffe joint.

Marriage is a bliss for some people, whereas it is hell for some people, if someone wants the rituals, they are doing nothing wrong, moreover i think its a lot of fun, during a marriage, more of all, are ur beloved people & near ones are all together, that doubles up the fun.
As per society norms, at various places u need to show whom u r married to and all, and whoz the father of your kid, this is not only in India, but also in most of the countries.
Anyway, if people wanna live-together, its their life, their problems, i dont mind, and i don't care who minds, but hey don't forget to give me a party at least. :p

So, the bottom-line is let tension f*** off while you have a gala time, doing whatever u like to do. Party on dudes!

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Debalina Das said...

Well, here we go again :

1. If smoking is bad, its bad for both men and women. But, do people stare at a woman smoker because smoking is harmful or because they think " she is trying to do something that men do" ? Jesus, leave the girl and her ciggerette alone !

2. Stop peeing on the road, its not your private property that you would come and pee and let the stink fill the air.

3. Who is asking you to stop watching porn, but it should be alright for both, men and women alike. Some of my female-classmates watch porns and guys [who watch porns] and other girls will make a fuss out of it. What the heck ! Its non of our business to comment on who watches what.

4. If a man shaggs, its manly. If a girl shaggs, its again huge "talk-about" thing. Yea yea ..guys you got that thing and women dont, but dont each one of them got the right be "horny" .

5. Men wearing "dhotis", shorts and walking on the road like their own personal ramp is alright [since they are wearing it forever] but a girl wearing mini skirt is wrong and gazers will not just gaze, needs to pass comment. And these gazing men have all the rights to gaze, pass comments, look for girls' panty ! Its her fault man, she is being provocative !

6. Since theres a tag "Kiss me" is written on the girl's t-shirt, so it becomes provocative for some romeos !
Provocative ? BULL !
All these cheap men think is how to show that they are man enough and its the best and simple way to put the whole blame on women by saying "Dude ! She was wearing provocative clothes" . As easy as it gets.

7. Theres never a big happy family. Make it small, get yourself a house away from both the parental residence. Life will be simpler. Err..not for the momma's boys.
A girl would leave her parents and live with new people, and they would expect her to change and accept everything that goes in that house. For christ sake, she is new to your place and you need to show more love and affection, so that the girl misses her old enviornment less.
Since, expecting that is impossible, keeping in mind that parents of only son find it too difficult to let go off their son.

I am not being feminist. I am strictly against reservation for women. Maybe a girl isnt able to take 100kg weight but her male counterpart can, but that doesnt mean, men are better or something.
Both of them are two different individuals. You cannot compare them and say both of them are equal.
When a girl is raped, the whole onus is put on her. She was provocative. She was comming late. She, she she !!
Damn ! Just because men got a dick and they find it very easy to insert and show the world that they are MAN, they would rape a girl . If you are man enough, common, show your manlyness in helping the handicapped and eunuch , show some respect to less fortunate ones.
When theres some fight between man and woman and if the woman is winning, men would love to settle the scores by raping her.
Jesus ! Are you sexually frustrated ?
Use your head and not dick.
If you see FTV, those models are wearing provocative clothes, go ahead and ram you dick in them ! You know thats not possible. Why cant you feel that raping a woman is also not possible ?
I guess, the one reason people say, men think from their dick , is because, men only think from and about their dick. Nothing more and nothing less.
Marriage is nothing but a ceremony to let the world know, " ok ! people now its my time to have free sex!"
And they do.
If sex wasnt the only thing that drives a man, then why do prostitutes earn so handsomely ? Why do you have red-light areas ? Why ?
A man can have 'n' number of affairs. He becomes " the happening guy ! Cool Dude !". And if a girl of same age has more than one affair, then " She doesnt have any character. She is a whore !"
A husband and wife living in two different cities for most of the time of the year, each having lot of extra-maritial affairs and ofcourse, affairs on bed, but that same husband would divorce his wife on the pretext of the wife being characterless !!!!
If men can be horny, women has the full right to be so. But men would rather get their sperms utilised in some girl's body but incase of women, "Common baby, you can produce overies till your menopause. You can have fun with your husband not with any other men ! "

I am not against men. Both men and women make society, but for those women who would stop gossiping at nothing, for those men who would burn effigy's of fashion designer in the name of culture, for those who pray Lord Krishna[the flirt and diplomatic bastard] and Lord Ram[the liar who promised Laxman that no matter what Sita will not have to give any test of her is still Ram's property and didnt had sex with Ravana, but later on he had to leave the palace because "Maryada Puroshottam Ram" had problems coping up with the fact that his wife was abducted.], for all those who try to portray women as just a pleasure toy, all those who would wear burkha all the long in the market but will be having sex with her husband, uncle, brother-in-law ,etc, you just get one life, live it like the way you want it without poking your nose in someone else's affair and business. You do that you like, and let other people do what they want, as long as they are under some reasonable laws.

If two individuals [a man and a woman] are doing something wrong, it should be wrong for both, dont be biased.