Monday, July 26, 2004

INOX! At last!

Ever since the first multiplex of Kolkata -INOX- opened up, me & chaman have been planning to watch some movie there, but we never made it until 20th July. Most of the times it was some financial constraint, as the tickets are quite costly, 130 bucks per head; we can have 3 Bacardi Breezer for that money or 4 parathas at Coffee Pai, this is how we thought then.
Then once we decided that we should visit INOX at least once 'coz it was so talked about for its ambience & most of all me & chaman were thinking about the caramel popcorn available there, but then the only movie screened there was Maqbool -the hindi version of Macbeth- no way on earth we'd watch that! So, time went on and finally we saw Day After Tomorrow, it was a cool movie with great special effects, the picturisation of the natural calamities were too good! But one question remains unanswered why is it that all the alien attacks, natural calamities & terrorist attacks are on the US? Why isn't any other country shown in these kinda movies? I guess even aliens & nature don't like the Americans...:P
The movie was good, the hall was a bit chilly so I had to keep my palms warm by rubbing them together ocassionally; sadly we didn't find caramel popcorn b'coz it was out of stock :-( . The chairs were very cozy & comfortable, all in all INOX was a very good movie experience.


EvolutioN said...

Hey Pradeep,
am really sorry for all the harsh words... I didnt reall mean all that... was damn pissed off because of problems at home... Mom shouted at me because I had returned from hostel with my hair tousled and my sideburns long...
Can you imagine? I am returning after a month to my house and all that my mom can think of is how I look!!
Anyway, I am reeeally sorry for the harsh words that i may have said, (may? I did). please forgive me.
am really not this rude and was very cool and level headed all these days... donno what, but keep on snapping at the slightest instant now. You have any pill for keeping the head cool??? (OK, that was a veeeery bad PJ!!!).
Anyway, I dont really know much about HTML editor, you know, studying in NUJS and becoming a lawyer later being my goals, I think what I do know about comps is more than enough...
The butterfly thingie that you have on your blogs look reaal cool... mind giving me some tips too???
I would really hope that you forgive me and we can be least on the Net, life's too short for loving everybody, but what the hell... give it the best shot...

Hope to hear from you,


P.S. Sorry again....

Unknown said...

why is it that all the alien attacks, natural calamities & terrorist attacks are on the US?

Well Vajpayee knee pain is a talk of the town, where as most of the person in his age may be suffering. Some get treatment some not.

Like wise every country has all these problem but America bieng a super power, there is lots of Hype

Unknown said...

hey Sagnik
Dont be so emotional, as I know Pradeep he will be your friend again.

hey Pradeep, hum jissko apna samaj the hai unse hi jagad te hai, warna ignore karte hai.

Unknown said...
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Debalina Das said...

Wheres your blog ???
Common..dont make me waste my money for seeing your old blogs !I pay this net parlour 15bucks an hour.. and now I know, what is the value of 15 bucks.So, plz, keep some nice posts ready when I come back agan !