Friday, August 13, 2004

Missing Chaman!

Ever since chaman left, everyday I find something missing. The calls in the morning which woke me up, she used to call me everyday at around 11:00 AM and usually I'd still be in bed at that time. There’s no one to call gadhi, no one to call me Chamandeep, funny name na?? I don't know how she thought of christening me with this name.
Whenever we met, we had so much fun, most of the times she'd have been late and we used to
fight. We usually went to Coffee Pai, the cold coffee, the parathas and the iced tea there was superb, better than anywhere else. We had ice-creams and cold coffee most of the times we met, even if both of us had a bad cold, and guess what our cold would be gone after we had an ice-cream. There have been so many pleasant memories of times we spent together. Oh! I just thought about ice-creams, we even boozed together and that too on the road 'coz bars were very costly, we'd buy the bottles and kept it in my bag and used to have it in some deserted lane.
Chaman was so much more than a friend to me, she was like my sibling! Like normal siblings we had an argument almost everyday, the topic was never a problem, sometimes it was on the matter that who read or commented each other's blog first. And I wonder sometimes we didn’t even have an argument on some serious issue, we coolly resolved it.
Before she left for Hyderabad we decided to make a scrap book with all the bills, movie tickets we had spent for in these 9 months of friendship. Yup! we met up just 9 months earlier, and became close like we had been friends since childhood.
First time we met, I went to her house to fix her computer.
Second time we met, she met me after her tuitions and we to Cafe Coffee Day for the first time. Had paav bhaji, went to Landmark and my dear hasn't bee there in all these years living in Kolkata. we walked from Rabindra Sadan to Rashbehari, which would be 5kms. We called up Rona that day, after which calling her up became a mandatory task whenever we met. She used to say that you two are having fun without me, and see how time changes things, no chaman is with Rona in Hyderabad and it’s my turn to say the same words.
I don't exactly remember about the 3rd, 4th, 5th,.....nth time we met, but for sure we did something new everyday.
If I keep on writing I'd never stop, so I'll end this post here, keeping the rest for some other day, or when I'd be sulking again.

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