Saturday, August 14, 2004

Linux Rocks!

Yesterday night, I spent with my friend in his college's computer lab. We had been up all night troubleshooting computers and fixing them up, then putting them on the college network. We used a workgroup to share the resources, we setup a PC as the internet gateway which ran on Windows XP, and most of the other nodes ran on Windows 98. But, most of these had some problem or the other, like some had a few system files missing while others were infected with a variety of viruses. So, we decided on formatting the systems and re-installing the OS, but we didn’t have the drivers for video, sound or Ethernet cards, so, the only solution was to install Windows XP on them. As these had a PIII and Intel 810 chipset with onboard sound and graphics, Windows XP had no problems in bringing up a decent resolution and connecting to the network.
Radhesh had recently downloaded Red Hat Linux 9, SuSe Linux 9.1 & College Linux from the internet, so I thought of trying them. I installed Red Hat Linux 9 on one and Suse Linux on another. Both of them we were easy to install, but Red Hat Linux has a better installation interface. Suse Linux automatically detected the Windows workgroup and provided access to the shares, to do the same with Red Hat Linux; I had to start the Samba server & the winbind service. The audio output of Linux is simply superb, you listen to a song on a Windows PC and then on a Linux PC, I bet you would like the Linux output more.
The myth that Linux is for geeks and it isn't user-friendly is really a myth. Why doesn't
Linux seem to be user-friendly??? Because you are not familiar with it, we you become familiar with it, you'd find it better than Windows and who says you don't get software for Linux?? Just visit and you'll find loads of them, but the installation isn't as easy as Windows, you'll need a bit of knowledge. Surely, Linux has all chances of being a better OS than Windows, but as of now some things are yet to get better, like when you are using KDE and you insert a CD, its not auto detected you'll have to mount it from the terminal or using some GUI tool. And installation of packages which aren’t pre-complied are time consuming and at times, buggy!
But, surely Linux is worth a bit of trouble, so go try it, I am sure you like!


EvolutioN said...

where the hell have you been man?? both of ya... you just about disappeared into thin air... It was my B'day on the 14th, and I was waiting for some new blog to pop up before that, but, no, or I may have missed... neway, i visited the tintin site that you had done the other day, and i loved it, u rock man....

good to know that debs has got a good job in Hyd... hey, u know what? my best friend, my brother has got a doctorate offer from the Univ of Texas, and he left day before, am sad because of that too...neway, U take care and keep on smiling always...and tell that other person to post at least something or the other on the blog too... U know, some people do read the blogs, unlike what all of ya think~!!!!!

Love, laughter and keep the faith...


Unknown said...

Hi Arnab,
I installed RHL, and detected and configured all my devices pretty well, and the sound output is too good. Well the about mounting and umounting the drives, both GNome and KDE have GUI tools for doing that! In Gnome u just need to right-click on the Desktop to mount the Floppy & CD-ROMs! U know what I have even burnt quite a lot of CDs in Linux and they work as well as Windows CD Burning s/w!
I guess the PCQ Linux wasn't packaged well, thats why u faced these problems, but tell u SuSe linux is pretty cool, and is designed for a home user! U can try that if u want!
I don't play much of games, i play small games like Russian Square and SlorWolf! But as u told DOOM is too good, i'll surely give it a try!

Debalina Das said...

i still hate linux... for the fact, its not user friendly and theres no use of linux on a standalone scenario.

Unknown said...

Heheh! Wht do i do?? Meri chaman hates Linux :'( :P
Hye gadhi, u needn't hate it, SuSe linux has "My Computer" like windows, so u wont have to mount/unmount the drives! And work with as much ease as u do in Windows, its all being accustomed with!