Friday, August 13, 2004

Blog Decrement

There has been a substantial reduction in the number of blogs written, ever since chaman left for Hyderabad. Although, I had thought of writing some blogs, but all these days I couldn’t bring myself to write those. From now on I wish to write at least one blog everyday, so that, the gadhi doesn't complain next time she visits my blog.
When you write a blog, you usually have an expectation for some comment on the blog, chaman always used to comment on my blogs, no other friend of mine is inclined towards blogging, so, when chaman went away the number of blogs dropped.

1 comment:

Debalina Das said...

Sometimes, you should post more blogs than often, so that when I come online, I may not see you or talk to you or not find a single mail in my inbox..but I'll atleast get to read your blog and know about you and your life and your good friends !