Thursday, June 23, 2005

Day At Office

It was the most fun-filled day at office today. Since a few days our office has been experiencing abrupt power outages, which we enjoy a lot, 'cause the computers wont work without power.My department, i.e. Internal Projects in a bunch of jovial except for one or two all-the-time-working-and-no-fun kind of people. I have to admit that ever since gadhi errrr.. Aakanksha joined us,things have changed somehow.
Earlier she always used to complain that she didn't have any work to do, now she says that she gots lots. Its fun to bug her, Naveen & myself sometimes call her fatso, but she doesn't mind. After my exams she is gonna lend me lots of books to read, my very own personal library i guess.
Let me come back to our escapade today, when the ground floor fuse box burnt out today in the morning, myself, naveen and gadhi decided to go for a movie, 'cause we got a movie hall behind our office, many others wanted to come too but were somehow reluctant to join. We too were sceptical about the power returning before 2:00 PM but under the given conditions the power needed at least 1 and half hours to be
restored, so we just told Soham da to give us a call when the power came back. So, there it was, finally were going for a movie, after a busted plan few days back. The movie was 'Bunty Aur Babli', although we all had watched the movie earlier, it was very exciting to go for a movie together, on our way we picked up sattu (Satyabrata) and Billoo (Bilwakeshwar) alias Bill. We had thought of getting tickets for the
front stall, which costed on 30 bucks, but unfortunately they weren't seling tickets for front stall, we got the rear stall tickets for 50 bucks. The movie was fun, Rani was sexy,funny and sweet. During the interval we called up Soham da, he said that the power will be restored shortly but said we could return be 2:30PM. We were feeling hungry, so Naveen thought of bringing the lunch boxes from office, sattu
accompanied him to office, but after reaching there he called up saying that Soham da was calling back.
Sob!, we had to leave, upon reaching office we figured out that lunch break was due in 15 minutes..yipeee, spent those 15 minutes in front of the computer, gobbled our lunch, and rushed back to the movie, sattu didn't join us 'cause his grandma was ill and he might need to leave, so Ishita came with us. Gadhi got Bhel Puri on the way. It was 2:30PM i.e. end of lunch break, and about 15minutes of the movie remained,
Aakanksha and Ishita left, so did myself & Naveen after 5 minutes.
Although we didn't watch the whole movie, still we enjoyed a lot. The interesting fact is that I have never bunked my college to go for a movie this way, and it was so exciting to 'bunk' office.

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