Wednesday, July 06, 2005

GMail Boom!

A few minutes back when I logged into GMail i noticed that I am using 255MB (11%) of my storage quota. In retrospection, i remember the days of Hotmail with just 2MB storage, I had to check my mail frequently (it's not that I don't do it now) to keep below storage limits. Then, i couldn't even dream of storing 255MB of mails, but now there is more than 2400MB of space. GMail revolutinsed email storage, all providers had to upgrade storage features to stand competition, as a result I already have a 2000MB MSN account, and Hotmail will soon be upgraded to 250MB. GMail with its new technology is far more superior to any other mail service, and it also supports POP3 and SMTP. It's uses the new efficent technology called AJAX allows pre-fetching of mails, so that while we read one mail, the others are silently fetched in the background which makes it appear faster and efficient, actually it is, it uses the idle bandwidth to fetch data.
Hope to see newer products from Google soon!

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