Monday, July 11, 2005


What's with the heading of the post? you might be wondering! Actually, that's the name Asha gave me y'day. The reason being, girls. Err..let me explian, most of the times when i speak to her I mention about some girl or the other, and she would say,"Tell me something, do you even know sny guy??" Hehehe! So yesterday, I had my exam, I reached early took a seat in the middle, there wasn't anyone sitting even 2-3 benches away from me, and by 2 o'clock the room was full and I suddenly realised that I was surrounded by girls, only girls, there were only a handful of guys, that too in the last bench. Prior to that I met this mallu girl at the University gate and I had told this to Asha, when she called up before the exam, so she told me that my exam hall will be full of girls, and so it was. After the exams I told her that she was so correct, and she said that i was "kishan" and those were all "gopis" around me, LOL! So, she started calling me "Gopalakrishna".
How's my new name guys??


Tanaz Kerawala said...

nice post !!:)
n she has named u correctly
but ill still call u dumdum i dont know wht it means but still i like the name n somehow it suits u
it has an identity of its own
its for sweetu
so it will always be there

Unknown said...

DumDum will alwayz be there sweetu!
Q: So what is the opposite of Gopalkrishna?

A: Comepalakrishna