Monday, August 01, 2005

After a long time

Hello guys,
It has been quite a long time since my last post, well I had been preoccupied with some work, office work of course. All these days I had planned about writing about a lot of things, but couldn't get to start blogging. I wanted to write about Sattu, Avik, Sohini, Asha, Tanaz, about Mumbai rains, and something about myself too.
Anyway, tomorrow Sattu is taking us out for lunch, hopefully we'll have lots of fun. And probably tomorrow I'll have much less work to do. Oh! by the way, Sattu's lingo is a big hit, the lingo is not restricted to the boundaries of our office or the city, it has travelled all the way to Mumbai too. That's a big 'achivement' for Sattu I guess.
It's quite late in the night and I am dead sleepy, will post later.

1 comment:

Tanaz Kerawala said...

i will be waiting when u will rite abt all these ppl and most important i wanna know wht u rite abt urself
and yes ur ligo does rock
its cool n is catchy
do rite soon will be waiting!!!!