Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Coding Blues

Do you comment, document and indent your code well??
If not, please do from now on. Well, otherwise the code will freak you out when you are bug hunting or trying to upgrade the code. Trust me, whatever I say is from sheer experience.
I wrote the script for generating the company staff chart a couple of weeks back, but yesterday I modified it to incorporate some major features into it. Since the starting the code wasn't well commented or intended, so when they found a bug in it, I cooly opened EditPlus to start bug hunting, but sadly enough it all seemed like hieroglyphs to me.
I was going through the code, trying every bug hunting technique that came into my mind, I was speaking all tapori lingo while doing so, like "Code mein kuch locha hai", "Is code ki toh maa behen ek ho gayi". LOL!
Anyway, lesson of the day was : To keep bugs away, code cleanly.
Although, I found the bug and fixed it, I was still reluctant to clean up my code due to the fear of any more bugs cropping up.


Tanaz Kerawala said...

so since u have learnt a lesson hope u will now learn to write ur code properly and dont say such stupid lingo and also one more thing whenever u finding bugs always keep cool this does help!!

Naveen said...

hi buddy..wassup wit u!! its been 10 day since u last posted... kahan kho gaye mohan pyaare?? laut aao :)