Monday, October 15, 2007

WebOSS '07 - Web and Open Source Technology Conference

The first of it's kind Web and Open Source Technology Conference was held in Kolkata on 13th Oct, 2007. The venue was School of IT,(formerly IIIT),BF-142, Salt Lake.
The conference started a bit late, myself, Hussain and Naveen, reached the venue early to put up the banners, and distribute t-shirts amonng the volunteers.
The campus' auditorium lacked a sound system, due to some technical difficulty, so w had to shout on top of our voice, the chilling AC made it much more difficult.
Overall, it was a nice experience, the head count was not as impressive as conferences held in Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai, but I am sure Kolkata will soon catch up.

Here are a few photographs of the event, followed by my presentation. Do post your comments!

My Presentation

Naveen's Version


Hussain said...

Nice talk Pradeep!

Priyank said...

Great stuff man.. you seem to be a pro in ajax