Monday, January 14, 2008

New Year Survey

In the year 2006 I had asked some of my friends to complete the sentence "I cant imagine Pradeep without .............", and I received a lot of answers.

Well, this year I thought of asking everyone the same question again, to see what the answers now, have the answers changed? See the results below.

Amlan : his dj style human beatbox effects at ofc[which does'nt happen much nowadays:(]
Anindya : smile...
Annie : clicking pictures
Asha : me[yes i know computers are also there :( ]
Kaustubh : a PC in front of him
Madhurima : a smile
Naveen : the spams!! :D
Sabika : a caring attitude
Shabbir : his blogs & emails
Shency : mobile
Sujoy : his weird ringtones
Sumanta : banana leaf
Tanaz : a smile
Uma : computer
Zeenat : smile of the face

Compared to 2006, I received very few answers has everyone become busy of have I become less popular/important. Food for thought!!

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