Saturday, July 16, 2005

I am always late

Today it's sweetu's b'day, I wanted to be the first one to wish her so I called her up at around 12:00 AM but my call was on wait, sure to be someone had already wished her before me, the same happened on Asha's b'day I could only be the second one to wish her :( I am always late. It had happened earlier when I wanted to wish someone first on their b'day, I couldn't.


Tanaz Kerawala said...

its ok dumdum(}) jus not to worry
its not imp who wishes first or last
jus tht u wished me
n for ur info you were the third one
not too late also
so dont worry n keep smiling n always be happy

Unknown said...

Hmmmm ok! But not to be late the next time, let me wish you Happy Birthday in advance ;-)
See I am the first one who wished you for your next birthday. :D