Monday, July 11, 2005


My exams started on Saturday, the first paper was IT Tools and Applications.It tested the students' rudimetary computer knowledge and skills. It was a very easy paper, the first part contained objective type questions of 40marks, and guess what, I did every single one of the them correct. The second part contained questions with marks ranging from 3 to 5, it went good too. There was this girl sitting beside me, she came late, then she was looking nervous, so i thought of helping her out, so i helped her out with the objective type questions. I thought that would be good, now she can manage the rest herself, no she copied my whole paper, she didn't even write a single line herself, she was looking at my answer sheet and copying it into hers, I got very pissed off at this. You can ask for help for a few questions, but copying the whole paper is bad!
The next paper was Business Systems, it was ok-ok kind, 'cause I have no freaking idea about Accounts, there were lots of questions on them, like there was short notes on Trial Balanace for 5marks, what I wrote must be all crap. :P I thought i would at least get to do some decent FoxPro programs, but it wasn't my paper :( there was this junk program, only 15 lines of code, although i did it i wasn't satisfied with my paper!

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